Monday, February 7, 2011

Bad Designs

Power Outlets In Hotel Rooms

Whenever my family rents a room in a hotel, we would always have trouble finding power outlets. Some of them would be hidden behind chairs or televisions while on other occasions, they would be hidden behind the bed. Thus, we had to make alot of effort in order to find even a power outlet.

Solution: Make them more obvious to find.
               eg.(beside the bedlam,just above the table on the wall)

Bad Designs

Forks and Spoons

Sometimes,in a hawker center, the forks and spoons are either jumbled up or put in a way that only their handles can be seen. This causes inconvenience as users would have to pick each utensil up individually,
checking to see if they have the correct utensils.

Solution:Arrange them in a way such that forks,spoons and knifes have each of their own trays and are not jumbled up together.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Performance Task 2: What is ADMT?

ADMT (Arts, Design, Media and Technology)

Technology being the sub machine gun , Computer with the mouse and the Play Station
Arts being the pencil.
Design being the little human stickmen and the trashcan.
Media being the Photo Booth icon